The image of traveling by sea captures the vastness and mystery of embarking on a new journey. As you leave behind all that you know, there is excitement , yet fear - hope, yet anxiety - looking forward and looking back.

One can feel lost and unsure when the destination is unclear and all that is visible is endless horizon. At the same time, there is also the anticipation of an unexpected adventure and oppertunity. This is a story about setting out to unknown and distant places, hoping to find warmth and love.

Album cover for Changing Tides by Lukas Zabulionis, recorded on Curling Legs
"An unusually strong debut!"- Dagsavisen

"A new saxophone star has emerged"- Tor Hammerø

"Like a spa holiday for the ears"- Thor Egil Leirtrø
Norwegian saxophonist and composer Lukas Zabulionis has gotten national attention for his newly released debut album “Changing Tides”.

The album showcases a composer and saxophonist who has a keen sense of elegant and melodic lines. Underneath lie rich contrasting harmonies that vary in moods from melancholy, sad and longing to happy and joyful with a sense of optimism. The characteristic style and tone of the young saxophonist has a broad emotional register and when he is not playing lyrical or energetic solos, he naturally blends into the soft carpet of sound that the band puts behind.

The strong melodies and chords create the basis, which the band improvises on and in a well-developed interaction with his band mates,
Lukas Zabulionis presents a mysterious and magical landscape with a refined and subdued expression.

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Official Music Video. The most beautiful, raw and majestic landscapes are found in Lofoten, Norway. This video was filmed during a weekend in Svolvær in December. It was so cold and the weather conditions were brutal.
Album Teaser. It was filmed during the last sessions on a Sunday morning in the studio. The musicians were completely exhausted from the late recordings that they did the night before, but still they managed to pull through an entire day with lots of great takes!
Pictures from studio Pictures from studio Pictures from studio
- These are some great moments that we shared during the recording of Changing Tides.

Ivan Blomqvist - piano
Arne Martin Nybo - guitar
Lukas Zabulionis - saxophone
Kristian B. Jacobsen - bass
Per Kamfjord - drums

Sverre Dæhli - sound

Special guest:

Astri Hoffmann Tollaas - cello
Lukas Zabulionis - Drawing

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